TCS Zimbra

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TCS Zimbra

TCS is one of the largest software company not only India in the World. Most of important portal for tcs users (TCS Ultimatix Users) is the TCS Zimbra. If you want to know more about the TCS Zimbra then you came to right blog. Here we are providing you all details regarding TCS Zimbra or Zimbra TCS. You can check here ow to Login into TCS Zimbra site.

TCS Zimbra Why?

You are getting little confused with why TCS Zimbra going to use.? You don't know but Zimbra is the best open source leading email service provider all over world. You can use Zimbra platform for your  private as well as commercial use. It has very good browser based interface. Here we are added the more information about Zimbra if you want to know more about Zimbra then just go with official website. TCS uses this email services for their employees with name TCS Zimbra but now they turned into TCS Webmail.

How to Login TCS Zimbra.?

Here we are introducing about the how to login TCS Zimbra account but now days TCS Zimbra turned into TCS Webmail. Therefore you must go with TCS Webmail and just more detailed information.
Zimbra TCS

  • First go to TCS Zimbra website
  • Then you see new window opened where you can enter your Username and Password
  • Click on to "Log in" button
  • You are now accessing your TCS Zimbra account.
But unfortunately TCS removed the Zimbra TCS to Direct Mail Server Link from 25th August 2016. Now you can use the for webmail services.

Why This TCS Zimbra to Secure Access TCS Webmail?

While using the TCS Zimbra web portal there are some security issues arrived (hacking etc..). This problem came most of time therefore TCS decided to change this Zimbra TCS portal to there own server named TCS Webmail.
Now you can login with

You got a all detailed information regarding the TCS Zimbra. If you have any questions regarding TCS Zimbra then comment below; we will try to solve it.

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